25 thoughts on “Power play.

  1. Oh Lordy!! I just read the comment you left on a new site I just found – https://brownfrigate.wordpress.com
    I couldn’t agree more with your one word comment of his posts. You both write so raw, unashamed and alluring. It’s like you’re saying everything we all wish we could say, but better. By chance you two don’t know each other do you? That would be sooo cool, but the reason I ask is this – You both could collaborate, and write one hell of a chapbook together!!! I’d buy it in a New Yourk minute, and I’m from England! Sorry for the long comment, but I’m excited to find two new sites, and both are AWESOME!

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    1. Shelly! I love this! Never apologize for long comments– they are my favorite type of comments to receive! I just stumbled upon brownfrigate today actually! I love it. I’m so flattered what you said about a chapbook! I don’t know them but as with everyone on WordPress, I would like to! Thanks for this comment. I wonder what brownfrigate would say?

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  2. Oops, so sorry for commenting again, but the reason I thought you two may know each other is you both started your blogs on the exact same day, 10/22. That seemed more than a coincidence since you both write the exact same way:)

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    1. My beloved SS, every time I receive one of your comments I am reminded the world is a beautiful place full of beautiful humans who love and support each other. The WordPress ‘sound’ on my phone is my new favorite conditioned response. When it goes off I jump for joy because of you and the others. I love love love you. Never go away. ❤

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      1. I won’t go away! You are such a beautiful poet and I love reading your work. I wish I could write like you but the beauty of poetry is that we all write differently and see the world differently. I have just come back from an open mic and my head is banging . Thank you for dulling be pain. I’ve written some new poems so if you’d like to read them it would be an honour .

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  3. This was amazing to read. Your poetry hits home. In fact, all of your poetry hits home. It’s beautiful and poignant. Thanks for sharing your talents. I look forward to reading more!



    1. J.T., I’m touched. Thanks for leaving, and moreover, for taking the time to leave such a thoughtful comment. These comments are truly like little Christmas gifts every time I open one. Please pass along how I can find some of your own writing, if you would like to share. xo

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      1. I would love to share. I’m really up for you reading anything you would like. I have a variety of things up so feel free to read anything that tickles your fancy. It’s at https://jthosackjr.com.

        I do know what you mean when you say comments are like Christmas Gifts. I think we tend to read and gloss over what keeps everyone motivated to write more: likes and comments. Even if it’s a critical comment, it’s interesting to get and apply to what was written. Let me know if you ever want to guest blog! I’d love to have you!

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